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Learn how to use emotions to lead a 

healthier and more balanced life


"You only have control over your feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Let go of everything else. "  

"Blaming others won't solve your problems."

Detach yourself from the emotion and observe it.

What does it tell you? 

The only time to change is NOW.

Your thoughts generate a behaviour,

that makes you feel an experience,

which then makes you feel an emotion.

" Your emotions are all important.
Learn to use them to improve your life. "

You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to grow.

You are the sole creator of your life.
Take back your power. 

why emotional intelligence is needed more than ever in the workplace

Many organizations have realized that, to stand out in today’s competitive business world, they need not only academic skills but also (and especially) emotional intelligence (EI). 

Those are all aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI). All more important than IQ when it comes to the overall well-being and performance of an organisation. Simply because emotions not only affect the way people think and act but also influence judgment and information processing.

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Do you know how to use your emotions to lead a healthier and more balanced life?  

CultivEIte offers individual and group coaching services to help people and teams learn how to use emotions to lead a healthier, more balanced life.

How is this accomplished? Through the development of skills and knowledge that enable an individual to find balance between Reason and Emotions. When we consider emotions as information, it allows us to regain control over ourselves and to adopt a benevolent approach to our well-being.

The mission of Lisa Stott, founder of CultivEIte, is to help people cultivate their emotional intelligence so that they can become happy and fulfilled human beings.


She helps individuals (parents, professionals, leaders) cultivate their own emotional intelligence by teaching them tools that will help them develop their self-awareness, manage stress and improve their decision-making and interpersonal skills. As a result, it will enable them to lead a more fulfilling professional and personal life. She does this through individual or group coaching, workshops, and conferences.

*All services are offered in English or French.

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Emotional intelligence is at the heart of our business model and is solidified by Universal pillars (Science and Education) and Individual pillars (Competencies and Consciousness).

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